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MICE Destination Report

Our MICE Destination Report focuses on the study of the overall market and the MICE economic factor in a single city, evaluating their direct comparability with other MICE destinations. The report represents a significant and consistent source of information for convention bureaus, cities, conference hotels, congress and event venues. The MICE business of different locations within a single destination (e.g. city centre vs. airport) or between different cities is put in direct comparison. Furthermore, source markets, booking patterns and volume of different industries are analysed, as well as occupancy rates in different months and years (“low” and “peak” times and trends).

In cooperation with event organisers and cities, additional event figures – in the form of raw data – are requested directly from hotels and venues. These raw data are then analysed, researched and integrated into the dedicated database which is created for the destination report.

Thanks to the combination of these data sources, MICEview is currently the only company in Europe whose benchmarking in the MICE sector is based exclusively on real figures, not on projections. Moreover, all applied data are thoroughly researched, analysed and adjusted in order to ensure the best data quality.

MICEview‘s MICE Destination Report services for you:
  • Release of the digital MICE Destination Report, including individual filters – half-yearly or yearly
  • Meaningful database: exclusively real figures – no projections
  • Best data quality: all event data are thoroughly researched, analysed and adjusted
  • Time-saving data transmission: minimal or no additional effort for hotels and venues
  • Flexible and modern layout: personalised report views
This tool is particularly suitable for:
  • Convention Bureaus
  • MICE destinations
  • Conference hotels
  • Congress and event locations

About us

Every day from Monday to Saturday, in over 40 destinations in Europe, we collect all relevant information about events, meetings and congresses from over 600 conference hotels and locations, and we make this data available to our contract partners in the form of analyses and statistics. We have been doing this for nearly six years now, thereby carrying out the largest ongoing market survey in the MICE market.


MICEview GmbH & Co. KG
Kaiserswerther Straße 282
40474 Düsseldorf

+49 211 54 23 05 00

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