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Daniel Riljic
Managing Partner & Founder

Daniel’s career in the hotel industry began with an education in hotel management, followed by a marketing course. He then belonged to the Hilton family for 6 years, gathering precious experience in revenue management and marketing, from Kuala Lumpur to Dusseldorf. In September 2010 Daniel founded the German start-up MICEview together with his colleague Tobias Tegetmeyer. Very soon the two young entrepreneurs made their compcheck known way beyond the confines of Dusseldorf, and the “two-man show” has now grown into an internationally active company with about 200 collaborators.
As leader of the MICEview troops and head of the Business Intelligence Team, Daniel gets a break from his daily work with “buckets” and “data flows” on the handball court, where he has been playing as centre-back for SV Wersten 04 for 6 years.

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Isabel Schmidt-Bielicke
Head of Business Development

Isabel has come to the hotel industry through international detours. After school she worked at a Namibian lodge for 3 years, subsequently rounding off her hands-on experience with an international hospitality bachelor study in the Netherlands. She then went on to work for several hotel chains, from Mandarin Oriental to Motel One, in Germany, the Netherlands and Southern Africa. She joined the MICEview family in 2015, started working in sales and soon took over additional duties as Head of Business Development.
During her spare time, you can usually find Isabel riding through the Aaper forest on her horse Charly, accompanied by her dog Brownie, who is also MICEview´s Head of Happiness and provides for the team´s good mood.

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Oliver Hidalgo
Head of Key Account Management

Oliver, known to his MICEview colleagues and partners only as Olli, has been part of the MICEview team since September 2016. He was previously at the Hilton Dusseldorf hotel for 19 years, working in the Reservations & Sales department and later as Director of Sales for this renowned Dusseldorf hotel. This allowed Olli not only to gather precious experience in the hotel industry, but also to use compcheck reports on a daily basis. Therefore, he understands like nobody else the significance of this MICE report for a hotel, and how it can be utilised in practice to its full potential.
After work Olli likes to put his running shoes on and set new “Runtastic” records, with good, carefully selected music in his ears.

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Maike Lindemann
Head of Sales

Maike began her career in the hotel industry in 2001 and worked for several international hotel chains. Maike´s focus was predominantly on sales. Her last position was Country Director of Sales – Southern Germany.
After a short baby break, Maike became interested in new challenges and joined MICEview as Head of Product Development – Meeting Viewer in April 2018. She has committed herself to revolutionising MICE revenue management and taking it to a new professional level with this innovative tool.
Maike is not just a full-blooded salesperson, but also a full-blooded Mum, and she successfully and – apparently – effortlessly manages the balancing act between product pitching and nappies.

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Mathieu Mansencal
Senior Sales Manager

Mathieu holds a Master´s Degree in International Business Management. After university he gained international experience in France, Greece and South America. As seasoned salesman, Mathieu has been strengthening the MICEview Sales Team since autumn 2015 and has by now adapted to the initially unfamiliar hotel industry. He quickly learned what terms like “occupancy” and “DDR” mean and what hotels are looking for when they are on the hunt for “leads” and “more MICE business”. Mathieu is now a Senior Sales Manager and our most qualified contact person for hotels in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy.
Besides his job, Mathieu has set himself the life goal of making wines from his home city, Bordeaux, popular in Germany, and manages his own little online shop with exclusive French wines.

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Sascha Rudnick
Business lntelligence Manager

Sascha is not only one of the many hoteliers in our team. Like many of his MICEview colleagues, he spent his first career years at Hilton. After his early days in the Front of House team, he transferred to the Back of House and found his vocation in hotel IT management. Therefore, after 11 years at Hilton, it was not surprising to see him move to Oracle (back then named MICROS-FIDELIO) and work as a trainer and later as a Senior Professional Consultant for PMS Suite 8. Sascha has been a Business Intelligence Manager at MICEview since July 2016, and he is the main contact person for all IT-related questions and issues concerning MICEview´s tools. Sascha is a known Star Wars and TV series fan, and a regular user of the “Ginventory” App, always in search of new gins and the right tonic to go along with them.

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Sabine Markert
Business lntelligence Manager

Sabine completed an education as office clerk and has been part of the MICEview team since 2011. During her early years, she worked in data research and entry, which suited her Bachelor´s Degree from Dusseldorf College. As of May 2014, Sabine committed herself to her duties at MICEview full time, at first as Data Analyst and Staff Coordinator until she joined the Business Intelligence team in January 2018. To this day, no one can research events as quickly as Sabine, and the quality of our data is particularly close to her heart. Even before she could walk, she held a hockey stick in her hand and she has been unable to get that sport out of her life ever since. Not only does she play professionally, but she has also been coaching children and youth at Dusseldorfer HC for many years.

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Lukas Lange
Business Intelligence Manager

Lukas holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Economy, which he combined with a Master´s Degree with a focus on Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Lukas has been an integral part of the MICEview team since 2013, when he used to take care of the Dusseldorf hotel tour on our behalf. He then supported us regularly with the researching and processing of hotel data. After having worked for a large logistics company for a year, he came back to MICEview in 2015 to strengthen Daniel and our Business Intelligence department. Since then he has contributed greatly to the development of our tools as Business Intelligence Manager and Tableau expert, although his strong suit is the Tableau-based revenue tool Meeting Viewer. After work Lukas is a handball player at heart and looks to score for SV Wersten together with Daniel.

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Elisa Dinter
Human Resources Manager

Elisa’s professional foundation stone was laid in the Netherlands with her Bachelor´s Degree in Hotel Management. She gathered her first hands-on experiences, among others, in hotel in Kuala Lumpur and at Hilton Bonn, where she soon found her vocation in human resources after completing her studies. In April 2018 Elisa left her job as Assistant Human Resources Manager at Hilton and joined MICEview, where she is currently Human Resources Manager. She manages our field researchers, who are “on tour” 6 days a week throughout Europe to collect data on our behalf.
Playing the saxophone, reading, cooking and baking are part of Elisa´s work-life balance, and while on holiday she is always in search of the world´s best diving sites.

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Head of Happiness

Brownie holds the most records among MICEview´s employees: she is the youngest on the team and has started her MICEview career at the tender age of 3 months. She sleeps through most of her working hours. She always knows what´s for lunch, even before the delivery service has reached the door. She gets stroked the most. She has the best mood on any given day, be it during the week or on weekends.
After work, this Hovawarth dog loves to chase bird shadows or Isabel and her horse Charly.

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Every day from Monday to Saturday, in over 40 destinations in Europe, we collect all relevant information about events, meetings and congresses from over 600 conference hotels and locations, and we make this data available to our contract partners in the form of analyses and statistics. We have been doing this for nearly six years now, thereby carrying out the largest ongoing market survey in the MICE market.


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